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Sales Goals and OKR Examples

Go beyond quotas with goals that will help the first year SDR get on the right path all the way to the seasoned VP of Sales.

Customer Success Goals and OKR Examples

Growing revenue, fighting churn, improving NPS. The role of CS continues to grow. Find goals for every person on your team.

General Goals and OKR Examples

Goals for D&I, professional development, and more. Level up yourself while helping to make your company a great place to work.

Product Goals and OKR Examples

Move beyond the status updates your team can find in Jira to goals that actually help you experience the growth you want.

HR Goals and OKR Examples

Migrating to remote, improving engagement, managing culture, hiring and onboarding… HR does a lot. Set goals to drive focus.

Operations Goals and OKR Examples

Ensure you’re efficient, profitable and have an eye on CSAT. Oh, and maybe once you’re done that you can squeeze some PD in.

Finance Goals and OKR Examples

From setting strategic plans and budgets for the entire org to doing what it takes to lead a world-class finance team. Find it all here.