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Improve our company culture

A good company culture is an integral aspect for any company that's looking to stay strong and grow in the market. A good company culture brings with itself employee happiness, productivity, employee retention, a great brand name, and more. So let’s focus on making our company the most desirable place to work.

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Improve diversity and inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity have a direct impact on employee engagement. Diversity of thought and perspective brought about by people from different backgrounds increases the pool of innovative ideas to work from.

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Improve compensation and benefits metrics while staying within budget

Compensation and benefits are essential to keep the workforce motivated and bring the best out of employees. The way to drive change is to set compensation goals that increase engagement while staying within the budget.

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Improve HR planning

One of the best ways we can keep our resources at a minimum is through human resource planning. An effective plan will help us find the best talent for various positions within the organization. As a result, we will save costs that would have instead been used in hiring, onboarding, and training.

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Identify cost-per-hire

Identifying cost per hire is one of the ways to define the effectiveness and success rate of the recruitment process. It’s always recommended that we know the amount of money spent to hire every individual so that we can budget accordingly moving forward. It also helps in giving a clear insight into our companies’ profit and loss.

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Practice being a great manager

Engineering and product leaders are all too familiar with the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. But, this approach to leadership is something that should be applied to leaders across all departments. Read more about it here:

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Improve your management skills

Great managers keep their team engaged, high performing and retained. Even if you are already a great manager, there's always room for improvement. Let’s make a concerted effort to continue to listen, learn, and grow in our management skills and foster a culture of sharing and actioning on feedback.

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Improve employee engagement

An engaged team is more productive, happy at work, and ultimately drive more revenue to the organization. Let's focus our efforts on building up a culture that values open communication, feedback, accountability, and and one that ultimately gets people excited about working here.

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Establish team performance management

What frameworks will we implement across the organization to help leaders and their teams measure performance? From goal tracking to quarterly performance reviews, let's establish what performance management looks like for our team.

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Enhance employer brand

Let's not only improve our reputation as an employer, but make sure everyone knows who we are too.

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Reduce employee turnover from 20% to 10%

We've done a great job of recruiting great talent to the team. Let's make sure we're also doing a great job of retaining our people too.

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Build and develop a world class team

Let's build a team that's not only effective and helps us execute on our vision, but actually excited to come to work every day.

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