Hypercontext for sales teams

Don't sell your team short

You don’t need more meetings, you need better meetings. Run productive meetings, with more accountability and clear priorities. It's the difference between hitting sales targets and falling behind.

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remove management blind spots with meeting insights

Upgrade your one-on-one coaching

Build confidence in your sales reps

Turn your “meh” one-on-ones into high-leverage coaching opportunities. A shared agenda makes it easy for your team to bring up roadblocks, career aspirations and more, building trust amongst your team. And key insights uncover conversation blindspots for better-balanced conversations.

Meet with purpose

Improve team and cross-functional collaboration

Targets are easier to hit when your team and cross-functional meetings are organized and productive. Access all of your meeting agendas, document decisions, automatically send notes and assign next steps — all in one, accessible, place.

team meeting software
Set goals in Hypercontext

Set and track goals

Stay on target

Set goals, milestones and deadlines. Then, add them to the top of your weekly meeting agenda to track progress. When goals are top-of-mind, you’re 95% more likely to hit them.

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“I’ve used Hypercontext in my last two roles, and it’s now key to how I manage, coach, and keep my team accountable. At Lane, we use Hypercontext for 1:1s, team meetings and leadership meetings. I reccommend it for anyone looking to improve team performance!” –Josh Guttman, Vice President, Revenue

All in one workflow, that just works

Motivating your team. Managing performance. Tracking goals. Hitting targets. Not sure how to make your life easier? We’ll help you.

Apply a template

Countless meeting templates and targeted question recommendations to fuel better conversations, build trust, and increase employee engagement.

Set your agenda & take notes

Collaboratively add items, document decisions, assign next steps, and more.

Assign next steps

Assign next steps during your meeting to keep your teams productive and accountable.

Track goals

Increase the odds of hitting your goals by 95% by talking about them when needed. Convenient access to 360+ goal examples, all within our app, to fuel the creative side of management.

Don't start from scratch

It takes mental energy to lead meaningful and productive conversations. And setting goals for your team is no easy feat. Leave the heavy lifting to us — use our templates to inspire better meetings and direction for your team.

Software to empower your sales team

The most valuable time a manager has with their team is during one-on-ones and team meetings. That’s why we built Hypercontext: to make this crucial time more organized, efficient, and meaningful.

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