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This jam-packed sales meeting agenda includes a holistic view of your sales department: pipeline status updates, competitor pulses, metrics and more.

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Sales team meeting agenda walk-through:

1. Successes and wins (5 min)

Nothing is better than the energy that a positive, fired up sales team brings to the workplace. Bring that same energy to the start of every meeting by spending time talking about the team's successes and wins. Whether they recently closed a deal or had a great call with a prospect, no win is too big or too small to share in this meeting.

2. Pipeline updates (15 min)

Go around the table to get a sense of where each sales member's pipeline sits. This will give you an opportunity to identify where you need to jump in and support one another. IT will also give you the information needed to prioritize the team's activities for the week.

3. Obstacles and roadblocks (5 min)

This is a natural segway from pipeline updates. During this part of the conversation, focus on any obstacles or roadblocks that are preventing your team from hitting your targets. Think beyond just internal business hurdles, but also consider things like losing team members because of vacation, illness or turnover.

Having a better understanding of the obstacles your team is facing will help you forecast results you'll be achieving between this and your next team meeting.

4. Prospect/lead feedback (5 min)

Your sales team has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to customer feedback about your business. They're the ones speaking to customers at every stage of the funnel, so they have the best understanding of what language works (and what doesn't), what features are valuable (and aren't), and what pain points your customers are trying to solve.

Make sure that you document this, every single week. Don't forget to share this feedback with the appropriate teams (i.e. marketing, product, customer success).

5. Metrics update (10 min)

Review your sales metrics every meeting and how they ladder up to your team's core goals. Don't focus on the vanity metrics though, especially ones that don't reflect performance. Maybe your team is logging fewer calls month-over-month, but closing more deals.

Focus on how the team as a whole is doing, not each individual (save that for your one-on-ones). Together, see where the team is at and plan how you're going to get where you need to be.

6. Housekeeping (5 min)

Use this time to share news about the business that your team may not have insight into. Whether it's information from other teams or the business as a whole, keep your team informed on what's going on across the entire business. Be transparent. This will help build trust with everyone on the team over time.

7. Competitor updates (5 min)

For any business, keeping an eye on the competition provides a huge opportunity to learn, grow and understand where your company's strengths and weaknesses lie. As a team, having this knowledge and consistently reviewing it will set your sales reps up for success when they come across any objections during sales calls.

Every meeting, nominate one of your reps to present something new about one of your competitors. Whether it's their strategy, a new product or service offering, or if they ran a great campaign, it's a great way to spark ideas of your own.

8. Pitch round table (10 min)

Reserve 10 minutes of your meeting to:

1. Have rep present a 10-minute sales pitch to the team

After the pitch is over, go around the room and provide feedback on what they did well and any areas for improvement.

2. Go around the room and have each rep share their 60-second pitch

After everyone has done their pitch, review and see if there are any inconsistencies in pitches? Are there areas for improvement across all or most pitches? Who did an exceptional job? Discuss this!

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