“I just invited another one of my employees to Hypercontext for our most recent one-on-one and they told me it was the most organized and productive meeting we've ever had!”

Jeff Gardner

Head of Platform Partnerships, Intercom

How it works

Set up your agenda

Create your team or one-on-one meeting agenda and invite people to it. Add in your meeting description so that everyone is on the same page when it comes time to meet.

soapbox collaborative meeting agenda

Collaborate on a shared agenda

Team members can add items, comments, next steps and summaries to agenda items before, during and after each meeting. Discuss what’s most important to the team, while giving everyone a chance to be involved in the discussion.

soapbox collaborative meeting agenda

Finish your meeting

After summarizing your items and assigning next steps, click “finish meeting” to sending out meeting notes to everyone. All members will have the opportunity to rate how they felt the meeting went. 

soapbox collaborative meeting agenda meeting notes

Ready to make your meetings more productive?

Set up a meeting agenda now!

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