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Fuel your 1:1 meetings with Hypercontext

A dedicated place for collaborating on a shared agenda, taking notes, assigning next steps and more.

one-on-one meeting agenda
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Shared online agendas

Create customizable agendas for your one-on-ones that both you and your report can collaborate on in real-time.

meeting notes icon

Shared meeting notes

Take meeting minutes right within your agenda (we’ll even email them out for you after each meeting!).

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Private notes

Prepare for important and/or difficult conversations with private notes that are only visible to you.

suggested items icon

Suggested questions

Not sure what to talk about? Hypercontext will help prompt conversations with suggested questions.

next steps icon

Next Steps

Assign meeting follow-up within your meeting agenda so nothing falls through the cracks.

meeting rating icon

Meeting Feedback

Send quick post-meeting survey questions automatically to track and improve meeting quality over time.

How it works

Set up your agenda

Create a one-on-one in Hypercontext and sync it to a calendar event in Google Calendar or Outlook. Invite your direct report to Hypercontext and you’re ready to go.

set up your one-on-one meeting agenda

Collaborate on a shared agenda

Before and during your meeting, both you and your report can add items to the agenda, discuss them using comments, takes notes and summarize key decisions.

collaborate on a shared one-on-one meeting agenda

Review your meeting

Once you’ve ticked off and summarized all of your agenda items, send meeting notes automatically when you finish the meeting. Rate your meeting to track the quality of your one-on-ones over time and don’t worry, all your past meetings are a tab away so you can easily refer to them later on.

one-on-one meeting notes

Rinse and Repeat!

Keep having great one-on-ones!

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Ready to revolutionize your one-on-ones? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Set up your 1:1 in Hypercontext