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Easily access your calendar, join video calls and know when you next meeting is straight for your desktop with Hypercontext's Map App.

How it Works

Do you open your calendar tab 20 times an hour just to double check that you're not forgetting about a meeting? Us too. Now you can always view your next calendar event at the top of your Mac bar.

View your daily meetings and events in one view without the need to open a new tab. Hypercontext puts your calendar where you can easily access it without interruption your workflow. Across all of your meetings, if there’s a Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams conferencing link, you’ll be able to join with one click.

Always know when your next meeting is in a glance. Open you agenda without having to open your calendar.


Download the Map App, install and sign in with your Hypercontext credentials.

Connect Mac App to Hypercontext

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