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These three agenda items will fuel your sprint planning. Talk about what wasn’t done, what needs to get done and issues/concerns along the way.

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What is sprint planning?

Sprint planning is part of the Scrum process, where you plan any activities or work that needs to get done during the next sprint and discuss the sprint goal. Sprint planning answers the following questions:

  • What can be delivered this sprint?
  • Who is accountable for what tasks?

The length of the sprint will depend on your team, with most teams working on anywhere from bi-weekly to monthly sprints.

What’s the benefit of planning in sprints?

For most, company and team goals are set on a quarterly or annual basis. As a team, you’re likely working on big features or campaigns. Along with many other benefits, sprint planning allows the team to break these bigger projects into smaller, more manageable chunks of work. This also gives the team a continuous sense of progress, which helps keep motivations level up.

Sprint planning team meeting template walk-through:

1. What wasn’t completed last sprint? (5-10 minutes)

Go around the room and have each person share an update on work that wasn’t completed the past sprint and why. Whether it’s scope creep or lack of resources, starting your meeting off with this agenda item will ensure that you’re always working to improve how the team works. It’s also critical information for planning your next sprint because you’ll have a better understanding of your team’s bandwidth and how much new work you can assign.

For the most effective use of everyone’s time, have everyone share this information prior to the meeting (you can do this by adding comments into the item in your Hypercontext workspace!) This will ensure that you spend less time sharing context and more on creating a solid plan for the next sprint.

2. Assigning tickets for this sprint (40 minutes)

This is where you’ll spend the bulk of your meeting. Go through your backlog and start assigning work to each team member. During this time you’ll collaboratively discuss things like:

  • What the best use of everyone’s time is
  • Concerns about workload
  • Any known roadblocks or challenges that will need to be addressed during the sprint
  • Who is accountable for each task, project, campaign or feature
  • How these tasks align back to the goal of the sprint

3. Any other issues/concerns? (5-10 minutes)

Once you’ve planned out the sprint, give everyone one more chance to address any issues or concerns before finalizing the work.

With this meeting agenda, you’ll be setting the team up for success every single sprint!

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