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First Team Meeting Template

This meeting agenda template will help break the ice in your first team meeting.

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First Team Meeting Template


How to run your First Team Meeting

First off, congratulations! You’re a newly minted manager! You have been hired to lead a team of smart who have been working together for some time. The first thing you’ll want to do is meet your team. You’ll want to get to know them and set expectations.

As a manager, your first team meeting can set the tone and break the ice. It's important to have a plan for this meeting so that you can make the most of it.

Why Run This Meeting differently than the rest?

This meeting should last about 60 minutes. It’s not a normal team meeting, so the agenda is different. After your first meeting with the team you should shift the agenda to more operational topics--such as team progress, blockers, and opportunities. Everyone on the team should be invited.

What to talk about in your first First Team Meeting:

1. Icebreaker

This is a great way to break the ice and get to know your team.

2. How can I best support the team as a manager?

This is an important question to ask so that you can find out what your team needs from you.

3. What's the best way for us to communicate as a team?

Communication is key to any team's success. This question will help you find out what communication style your team prefers.

4. Meeting cadence- When, where, how often?

This question will help you determine how often you should meet as a team.

5. Expectations (for you and for me)

It's important to set expectations for both you and your team. This will help everyone know what is expected of them.

6. Questions?

This is an opportunity for your team to ask any questions they may have.

About this template

Whether you're inheriting a new team, or a new manager yourself, these agenda items will set the tone for your team dynamic.

Updated May 5, 2022

First Team Meeting FAQs

How long should a first team meeting be?


You should initially set your first team meetings for 60 minutes with your team. If you prepare and share an agenda in advance you're likely to get through more faster.

How often should you have first team meetings?


Most first team meetings tend to occur once. As you go through a few iterations of them you may need to increase or decrease the frequency.

What should you discuss during a first team meeting?


6 great things to discuss in your First Team Meeting:

  • Icebreaker
  • How can I best support the team as a manager?
  • What’s the best way for us to communicate as a team?
  • Meeting cadence- When, where, how often?
  • Expectations (for you and for me)
  • Questions?

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