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Add superpowers to your existing google calendar events and keep them in sync when things change.

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Manage meetings from your calendar. Have effective meetings with collaborative agendas, meeting notes, next steps, feedback and more directly in your calendar.

How it works

We think it’s about time calendars moved past time, date, and location data. We’re here to add the missing productivity piece to your calendar, team, and workweek.

Make it easy to add Hypercontext to existing meetings. From within Hypercontext events from your Google calendar will appear in the sidebar. Navigate through your meetings to review agendas or connect new or existing Workspaces. Connected calendar events will define dates on agendas and when automations will run.

In you calendar, with the click of a button, you can create a meeting agenda. Every meeting is organized, collaborative, and an effective use of your team's time. Take notes and document decisions as you move through your meetings or asynchronously right in the calendar. Once you're done, meeting notes are automatically sent to all participants.

Track and finish next steps as you work. Meeting follow-up you no longer have to remember or chase. Assign next steps and due dates to individuals to keep your team accountable. All next steps are visible from Google Calendar.


Within Hypercontext click on the calendar service provider icon in the sidebar and follow the authentication steps. Click on synched events to add or connect a Workspace. From any Workspace you can also add any calendar event.

For access in Google Calendar, download Hypercontext's Chrome extension. Once downloaded you can access your connect workspace, add new workspaces or connect to existing ones, see updates to agendas, see scheduled next steps and run your meetings straight from the calendar.

Connect Google Calendar to Hypercontext

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