Team Meeting
10 Minutes

About this template

Whether you’re in-person or working asynchronously, these 10-minute pulse checks will keep you and your team on top of your sprint.

Meeting Rating

Encourage team members to rate each meeting after it's finished so you can see how your meetings are trending over time. This is the Meeting Rating question and the pre-defined responses. To change the Meeting Rating question go to your meeting's settings page.


Has your outlook for the future changed?





Next Steps Tracker

Drive accountability across your entire team with a built in next steps tracker. Next steps are documented during the meeting, sent out after, and followed up on automatically. Finally, meeting follow-up you don't have to chase.

AI-powered Meeting Insights

Conversational analytics that provide knowledge and resources to have more impactful, meaningful meetings. Run your meeting like a pro!

Suggested Questions

Hypercontext will serve up battle-tested and recommended questions/icebreakers to help prompt productive conversations with your team. Quick-add questions to your next meeting agenda and start your next meeting off right.

What are Scrum meetings?

Scrum meetings are daily check-ins with the team. They are part of agile meetings, where teams can sync up on the work they did the previous day and what they’re planning on accomplishing with their day. You can run these meetings in-person, on a video call, or asynchronously.

Scrum meeting template walk-through:

1. Blockers

What’s preventing a team member from getting work done? Your team might include things like technical limitations, emergency bugs that ate up their time, people limitations (I.e. someone is out sick).

2. What did you do yesterday?

This is a list of what got done the day before. This doesn’t have to be so nitty gritty as to sharing things like “I sent out 4 emails internally”, but rather any big chunks of work or activities that are relevant to the whole team. Each member should share what got done the day before and, if certain things didn’t get done, a brief explanation as to why (I.e. blockers).

3. What are your goals for today?

Here, each team member will commit to accomplishing a new list of tasks or work. This is the work they’re holding themselves accountable to complete that day.

4. How close are we to hitting our sprint goals? What’s your comfort level?

This agenda item will help the scrum master or team lead get a better sense of how the team is feeling about:

  • How their day-to-day activities are impacting overall team goals
  • The pace of the sprint
  • How well-scoped out (or not) the sprint is

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