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45 Minutes

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This 45-minute meeting agenda suits any team. Use it to tap into what people are working on, identify roadblocks, align on metrics and celebrate wins.

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45-minute team meeting template walk-through:

Why have them weekly?

Weekly meetings give the team an opportunity to discuss how the team can improve, any roadblocks, as well as wins more frequently. Having team meetings weekly also means that you're looking at metrics more frequently and being proactive about any big changes that you experience in your numbers.

If your numbers go down, you'll be able to address why as a team and tackle any issues before they get bigger. On the flip side, if your numbers go up, you can identify what worked and roll it out across the team, enabling the team to grow faster.

1. Metrics (10 minutes)

Kick-off every meeting with the metrics and goals your team is working towards. This will reinforce how everyone's efforts ladder up to the organization-wide goals. If you're in a hyper-growth period, how is your team contributing to company-wide goals?

When the team is laser-focused on metrics, it becomes easier to measure success, prioritize work, and most importantly, stay aligned org-wide.

Don't use this time to run through the nitty-gritty of your team's metrics. Look at the big picture, sure, but use this time to focus on how the team is tracking along with the goals set. If you forecasted 500 sales-qualified leads for the quarter, does the team feel confident in hitting that? Are the campaigns, projects, and efforts of the team aiding in you hitting your goals? If not, take the time to reprioritize during your round table chat next. ?

2. Round table plan (20 minutes)

This agenda item will take up the majority of the meeting (nearly half!) Use this time to talk about what everyone is working on between this and the next meeting.

A great way to ensure this time is an effective use of everyone's time, ask everyone on the team to share this update in the comments section of this agenda item. This can include:

  • What got done
  • What's being worked on
  • Any other context or status updates important to the team

This will ensure that you spend more time making decisions and less sharing context.

3. What are the biggest blockers stopping us from performing to our fullest potential? (10 minutes)

After your team shares their updates, this is the natural next conversation to have: Roadblocks.

As a leader, this is where you can be most helpful to your team. When you have an understanding of where blockers exist and what they are, you'll be able to help the team tackle them so they can move forward. This is a great ongoing opportunity to improve your team's:

  • Productivity
  • Processes
  • Velocity

4. Who deserves a shoutout? (5 minutes)

Recognition is a great way to boost team morale. It's important to understand that it shouldn't only be shared from the top-down. Instead, it should be given in all directions: upwards, horizontally, etc. If someone did an outstanding job, give your team the opportunity to recognize them for being awesome!

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