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Sales and Marketing Meeting Template

Align your sales and marketing teams with this agenda template.

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Sales and Marketing Meeting Template


Sales and marketing meeting template walk-through:

What is the goal of this meeting?

In many organizations sales and marketing teams clash because in a way, they’re pitted against each other. “Give us more leads” vs. “The leads are qualified, sell better.” Sound familiar?

That’s why it’s so important for sales and marketing teams to be aligned. That’s what this meeting is for: Continuously iterating on your service level agreement (SLA), discussing new insights from marketing campaigns or sales calls, and learning about what’s working (and double down on it) versus what’s not.

1. Icebreaker

It may seem silly to start every meeting with an icebreaker, but doing this will help build better connections and relationships across both teams. By starting every meeting with an icebreaker, your team members will get to know each other as people first, employees second. This can help people feel more comfortable sharing ideas, which will also encourage collaboration.

2. News and updates

Use this time to share any major news or updates with the team. This can include things like sponsoring a conference, a big upcoming opportunity that will require all hands on deck, or to share when people will be out of the office (vacations, leave, etc).

3. Key dates to keep in mind

Every week, use this agenda item to remind both teams of any major dates to keep top of mind. This includes:

  • Bottom-funnel webinars that will drive MQLs
  • Big sales meetings that may require marketing materials
  • When specific ABM campaigns will be launched
  • Conference dates

4. Performance to SLAs

SLAs are common among sales and marketing teams. It's a contract that holds each team accountable to specific metrics and agreed-upon expectations that align with the team's goals (usually revenue).

Use this time to review your SLAs and how each team is tracking against them. If there are any issues, discuss why and how to improve by the next meeting.

5. Highlight: Share key snippets of a recorded customer call

Every meeting, devote one sales rep to share a snippet of a customer call worth sharing with the marketing team. Here are a few examples of snippets to share:

  • Was there an "A-ha" moment worth sharing with the marketing team?
  • Are prospects describing your product differently than what's described on your homepage?
  • Did you have a great call with a customer that can be used as a testimonial?

6. Feedback: Which campaigns are driving the best leads?

Whether it was a specific webinar, an ABM strategy, or a new eBook, use this time to have the sales team share what campaign drove the best, most-qualified leads. Consistently talking about what’s working and what isn’t will allow the marketing team to better understand what campaigns and channels to focus more on (and what to drop).

7. Feedback: What are prospects saying we should focus more on?

Are there any features or services that prospects rave about? Are prospects asking for information that’s targeted to a specific decision maker (I.e. VP, Finance)? As sales reps have more cold calls and demos they should continue to document what prospects are asking for to help marketing create more targeted pitch decks, sales enablement materials, content, and more.

8. Feedback: What materials would you like to see more of?

These meetings offer a great opportunity for the sales team to share with marketing what kind of content they’re lacking. When marketing has a better understanding of what sales needs, they can hyper-focus on prioritize their content calendar. Having these conversations also ensure that the sales team is made aware of all of the content available to them, giving them everything they need to close more deals.

About this template

For sales and marketing teams to truly succeed, they need to work well cross-functionally. Improve your sales and marketing meeting with this agenda template.

Updated Feb 9, 2022

Sales and Marketing Meeting FAQs

How long should a sales and marketing meeting be?


You should initially set your sales and marketing meetings for 1 hour with your team. If you prepare and share an agenda in advance you're likely to get through more faster.

How often should you have sales and marketing meetings?


Most sales and marketing meetings tend to occur bi-weekly. As you go through a few iterations of them you may need to increase or decrease the frequency.

What should you discuss during a sales and marketing meeting?


8 great things to discuss in your Sales and Marketing Meeting:

  • 🥶 Icebreaker
  • 📰 News and updates
  • 📆 Key dates to keep in mind
  • 📊 Performance to SLAs
  • 📞 Highlight: Share key snippets of a recorded customer call
  • 📈 Feedback: Which campaigns are driving the best leads?
  • 🗣 Feedback: What are prospects saying we should focus on more?
  • 📚 Feedback: Which materials would you like to see more of?

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