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Create customer experiences tailored to our core user personas

To drive customer loyalty and retention, we need to focus on offering experiences and communication that matches our core audiences. By tailoring our content and communication style to each of these groups, we can make sure our core audience groups know that nobody understands their needs better than us.

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Develop our keyword strategy for the quarter

To better support our content efforts, let's narrow down our scope this quarter to 10-15 keywords that we feel will have the biggest impact on marketing metrics.

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Improve Off-Page SEO

Enhancing a website’s off-page SEO centers around building up its reputation and authority. Achieving these goals will help search engines better understand how others perceive our website, product, and services.

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Improve On-Page SEO

Since search engines rely heavily on on-page SEO signals to determine a page’s quality and relevance, let's optimize for a better user experience.

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Develop a TOFU campaign strategy to generate leads and drive traffic to an upcoming piece of content

Drive leads to increase free trials by end of quarter.

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Scale up content marketing strategy

Grow our content marketing strategy to drive more traffic and attributable trials.

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Increase your brand's presence in a target market

To gain customer trust and build credibility around your brand, you need to establish a strong presence in your target market. Your goal is to rank on target SERPs, to show up in recommendation lists, and to be a part of relevant conversations.

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Boost organic traffic from content updates

We've done a great job at creating valuable, state-of-the-art content to date. One of the lowest hanging fruits to help us increase organic traffic is to optimize existing content vs. only focusing on creating new pieces.

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Increase organic traffic

Organic is an incredible channel to focus on for long-term acquisition and revenue goals. Let's continue to push the envelope by increasing keyword rankings and overall traffic.

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Grow our newsletter list and engage subscribers

Quantity of subscribers is less effective when the quality is low. Let's build up our subscriber list, but create something that's valuable enough to keep them engaged week after week.

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Increase website conversion rate

As the product and customers evolve, so should the copy, design, and flow of the website.

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Build a powerful content distribution engine

The golden rule for any content marketer is to spend 20% of time on creation and 80% on distribution. Build a distribution engine that skyrockets the success of every single piece you create.

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Align your team by setting collaborative goals that you can easily measure, track, and keep top of mind. Become a high-performance team with Hypercontext goals.

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Set and track milestones

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