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Improve recruitment marketing strategy

A good recruitment marketing strategy will determine the quality of candidates we hire. Therefore, it's essential that we find ways to improve our recruitment marketing strategies and source top talent.

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Reduce failed hire rates

Let's find effective and creative ways to reduce failed hire rates. As a result, we'll be able to find the most suitable candidates to stay long-term and save on hiring costs, positively affecting our company’s bottom line.

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Identify cost-per-hire

Identifying cost per hire is one of the ways to define the effectiveness and success rate of the recruitment process. It’s always recommended that we know the amount of money spent to hire every individual so that we can budget accordingly moving forward. It also helps in giving a clear insight into our companies’ profit and loss.

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Build an extensive talent pipeline and maintain low turnover rates

We have to know the number of employees leaving our companies within a specific period. Keep in mind that a high turnover rate (exceeding 3%) should be a concerning issue that we need to take precautionary measures to mitigate. By calculating the turnover rate, we will be able to easily create a talent pipeline for future use.

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Improve our employer brand

Improving the way candidates perceive our companies is essential for us to attract top talent. For this reason, it's imperative that we treat them well, even if they don't get hired. Remember that these candidates will share their experiences with others, which can make or break our employer brand.

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Ensure a diverse candidate pool

Workplaces with greater diversity experience more innovation, profitability, and typically have better workplace cultures. Let's ensure that we not only attract a diverse candidate pool, but that we're also putting the right measures in place to help us achieve this.

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Increase candidate pipeline

Let's find new and creative ways to increase our candidate pipeline. This will not only help us fill roles faster, but increase our chances of finding the perfect candidate every single time.

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Improve the candidate experience

How we treat candidates, regardless of whether or not they get an offer, is critical to our employer brand and to the culture we create within the workplace. We want to create a positive experience for every individual entering our hiring funnel.

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