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Shorten our customer's Time to Value (TTV) by 25% this year

Work to get our customers to the β€œaha moment” (TTV) in our product faster. Reducing the TTV helps our customers and lowers the risk of churn.

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Scale Customer Success operations

As our business continues to scale, it's imperative that our operations scale with it so that we stay efficient, organized, and aligned.

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Support new feature/product roll out

Identify opportunities to embed new features and products into existing customer activities/interactions to help drive adoption and revenue expansion.

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Move from reactive to proactive

To position CS as a revenue center rather than a cost center, it’s vital that we move from being reactive to proactive. The goal is to reduce time spent on items/topics that can be better served with self-serve resources to create more time for higher value activities.

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Improve customer satisfaction scores

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer support team to help customers get fast (and lasting) resolutions, leading to higher happiness and volunteered brand advocacy.

Looking to hit goals? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Need a system that helps you stay on track to the goals you do set?

Effective teams hit goals 🎯

Align your team by setting collaborative goals that you can easily measure, track, and keep top of mind. Become a high-performance team with Hypercontext goals.

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Access 300+ goal examples

Empower your team to take ownership of their goals. Access our free library of role-specific and personal development goals.


Set and track milestones

Break down bigger goals into smaller milestones and key results to keep your team focused and motivated.


Never forget about goals

No more setting and forgetting. Set goals in a way that's measurable and impossible to forget about.

Learn how you can increase the odds of hitting your goals
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