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Introducing AI powered meeting insights

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Analytics into conversations 💬 you're having with your team so that you can be an even better manager.

One of the questions I get asked most is, “What should I talk about in my one-on-ones?” It’s the reason we’ve written dozens of articles on one-on-one questions, conversations starters, icebreakers, the list goes on. It’s also a big reason why we’ve built our latest feature: AI-powered 🤖 manager insights.

SoapBox Meeting Insights

The Balance Framework

Beyond being able to answer the question, “What should I talk about in my one-on-one meetings?” we built Meeting Insights to give managers a framework for well-rounded, balanced conversations with their team. After years of research, interviews and testing we’ve learned that most one-on-ones and team meetings revolve around 4 key areas:

  • Growth– Development, progression, career
  • Communication– Management, accomplishments, achievements
  • Motivation– Health, wellness, mindfulness
  • Work– Skill, performance, impact, tasks, autonomy, status-updates

We’ve called it the Balance Framework, with the objective being over time to have an equal distribution of conversations on each topic.

How meeting insights work

We’ve used machine learning to train our app to decipher which topics you’re discussing most frequently in your one-on-ones and team meetings and to categorize those conversations into the 4 categories of the Balance Framework.

After just a single meeting in SoapBox, managers will start to see a radar chart outlining the topics they’re discussing. You can toggle between your last 30 days of meetings or of your complete meeting history. Based on what you’re discussing most and least, SoapBox will serve up suggested questions and reading materials that will help you prepare for your next one-on-one and/or team meeting.

Meeting insights are part of the SoapBox pro package. Try SoapBox Pro free for 14 days to see 👀 what types of conversations you’re having with your team.