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How to introduce SoapBox to your team

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Over 30,000 managers and their teams use SoapBox to have more effective meetings. In this article, learn how to integrate SoapBox into your team's workflow.

Bringing on any new tech to a team is hard. People fear having another place to go, another tool to learn and change can be hard (we know!). But, when managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores, it’s time to consider new ways (including technology) to better engage your team.

SoapBox is designed to improve employee engagement by providing a tool for the most important conversations managers have with their teams: one-on-ones and team meetings. If you’re considering introducing SoapBox to your team, we’re here to make it easier.

Share why you want to use SoapBox with the team

In other words, what are you aiming to improve, and most importantly… Why? This could be as simple as a heads up via Slack, or an introduction in your next team meeting. Here’s some explainer text you can use with your team:

  • “Hey team! I want to make myself and the team more accountable, which is why I’m giving SoapBox a try.”
  • “Hi everyone. I want our team to have more productive meetings. SoapBox is going to help us with our meetings by giving us a central place for all our meeting agendas.” “Greetings Team! I want to empower each person on the team to take more ownership of our one-on-one and team agendas. That’s why I’m introducing SoapBox. ” 
  • “Exciting news team: we’re going to try a cool new tool: SoapBox is going to be great for keeping us all organized and accountable before, during and after every meeting.”
  • “Everyone! Having a shared agenda will make it easier for individuals on the team to contribute to one-on-one and team meetings, and we all have something to say, right? I want to try using SoapBox to keep our meetings running smoothly and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.”

Letting your team know what you hope to get out of SoapBox, will help them approach using the product in a way that best suits the team’s goals. 

Set up a meeting and invite your team 

Now that your team knows you’re bringing on a new tool, it’s time to invite them to a meeting in SoapBox. 

First, create an agenda from scratch or choose from 40+ templates in SoapBox. Once you’re happy with your agenda, invite your team to contribute. Here’s the email they’ll get from us:

Encourage your team to add items prior to your next meeting. Not only will this help them get into the habit of adding items to the agenda, but it’ll also build more accountability on your team. 

If they’re hesitant or unsure what to add, especially when it comes to more intimate meetings like one-on-ones, let them know about the suggested items they can pick from. This will make adding items as easy as possible for you and your direct reports!

Have SoapBox open in your next meeting

Now that you’ve gotten your team to contribute to your agenda, show them how meetings can become more collaborative, organized and productive with SoapBox. Check off items as you go, assign next steps and summarize what you discussed. 

Meeting with workers using SoapBox on screen

Doing this will help your team get used to following the agenda and ticking things off as they go. 

During your first meeting with SoapBox, assign next steps

Next Steps make it simple and easy to follow-up after meetings. It also builds a culture of accountability within your team. Next steps are always visible on every individual’s Today page when they sign into SoapBox. Team members can view their next steps, as well as next steps for teammates in the same meetings. 

During your first meeting, we suggest that you assign at least one next step to each individual in the meeting. It can be as simple as “Add one agenda item to our SoapBox by our next meeting.”

Integrate SoapBox with the tools your team is already using

Apps are easier to introduce to the team when they work with the tools your team already uses on the daily. It makes your existing suite of tools more powerful and means adoption happens faster. SoapBox works with Slack, Microsoft Teams and mobile to make it easier to introduce new technology without disrupting your current workflow:


You and your team can set up your one-on-one and team meetings, add items to the agenda and receive notifications and prompts without ever leaving Slack. 

  • Set up meetings with anyone in your Slack community by typing “Meet with @mention” to the SlackBot. 
  • Click the action menu on any message or simply chat “Add to @mention” to the SlackBot to add an agenda item to a meeting.
  • Receive a daily digest that lets you know what meetings you have that day and how many items are on the agenda (and indicate how many unread). 
SoapBox SlackBot Daily Digest
SlackBot daily digest

Microsoft Teams

When you add SoapBox to your Teams account, simply tab over to see what’s on the agenda for your meetings. Add items to the agenda, check them off as you go, close meetings and revisit past meetings all within the Microsoft Teams experience. When you integrate SoapBox with Microsoft Teams you can:  

  • Easily turn conversations into agenda items
  • Collaborate as a team in one place
  • Make meeting prep quick and easy 


If you and your team enjoy walking meetings, or are having an offsite, you can take SoapBox on the go by using our apps for Android and iOS.When you download the SoapBox app to your phone, you can: 

  • Toggle through and tick off agenda items as you discuss them
  • Finish meetings and email notes to attendees
  • Get reminders and notifications to prepare for upcoming meetings

Use SoapBox to collect meeting feedback

After every meeting, SoapBox prompts all meeting attendees to vote anonymously on how they think the meeting went. This is another way you and your team can use SoapBox to improve your meetings over time. Your team has a safe space to provide feedback and you as a manager can make changes to better engage your team.

Document decisions using summaries

Using the Summary feature, your team will always be on the same page. As you put together the summary, you can share your interpretation of the conversation to make sure everyone has the same takeaway as you. On top of that, after every meeting, SoapBox will automatically send meeting minutes to all participants sharing: 

  • What agenda items were covered
  • What the outcomes of that item were (a.k.a the summary!)

This is especially great for days when individuals are unable to attend a meeting. It allows everyone to have access to decisions and not feel like they’re in the dark. End your first few meetings by reminding your team to review the meeting minutes.

Having a summary will also allow you to get more accurate information about what was discussed and decided when looking at past meetings. 

New technology is hard to adopt on your own, let alone getting your team to use it every day. That’s why we’ve designed SoapBox to be lightweight, easy to use and to complement your existing tech-stack. If you’re still struggling to make SoapBox a habit with your team, try using these additional resources. We’re here to help!

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