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Hypercontext: AI-Assisted Performance Reviews

The world's first AI-assisted performance review tool, designed to help managers be the best boss their team has ever had.

Performance reviews that are 80% faster. And 80% better. Using auto_awesomeAI

Inspired for Better Performance Reviews

Our focus to enable that has long been building the world best one-on-one meeting app. And, over the years, we've transformed these weekly meetings into a space where managers and their teams engage in meaningful, data-driven dialogues.

This year inspiration came from HR: We've long heard that 'doing one-on-ones well means there are no surprises in performance reviews.' We decided to push that even further: Could we use the data from one-on-ones to write the performance reviews for you?

Leverage AI in Unprecedented Ways

To turn deep, time intensive work into just-in-time insights for managers and HR.

  • Reduce Cognitive Fatigue

    Personally map a full 360° feedback process to individual submitters, minimizing the congnitive load on reviewers.

  • Improve Subjective Analysis

    Synthesize 360° of subjective feedback on an employee into a coherent, balanced review.

  • Increase Data Malleability

    Transform quantitative data into qualitative insights, allowing HR to leverage data in richer ways.

  • Deepen Talent Insights

    Deeply inspect all available data to detect anomalies and uncover coaching opportunities for managers.

For the Benefit of Employees + Employers

An effortless cycle where employees reach potential and employers gain performance.

  • Efficiency

    Reduces the time spent on documenting reviews by 80%, freeing managers to focus on communicating them to teams.

  • Quality of Feedback

    Deepening the quality of feedback at no cost to effort or time, ensuring that employees receive the feedback they deserve.

  • Productivity and Morale

    Improving morale by focusing on actionable feedback, rather than the administrative burden of reviews.

  • Continuous Coaching

    Enabling managers to provide world-class continuous coaching to their team, by leveraging the AI coaching themselves.

To Create the
Workforce of Tomorrow auto_awesome

A comprehensive 360° feedback process, streamlined and synthesized by AI, fosters a culture of growth, nurturing individual potential.

It's a transformative experience that redefines state-of-the-art performance management. Imagine every employee having a best-in-class, personalized, and always up-to-date coaching plan. It's drafted by AI and edited by their Manager.

That workforce is real.


Hypercontext's AI-assisted performance review tool is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. It simplifies the evaluation process while enhancing the quality of feedback, serving as a testament to our deep understanding of managerial needs and team dynamics.

Cognitive Fatigue AI-Calibrated Team Insights

Discover the AI's power to streamline the calibration process, ensuring that performance drafts resonate with precision and equity.

Subjective Analysis 360° AI Feedback Synthesis

Witness how our AI transforms a multitude of feedback into actionable performance reviews, freeing managers from the burdens of manual synthesis.

Data Malleability Revolutionized Talent Mapping

Explore the modernized 9-box grid, animated by AI, placing employees on the axes of performance and potential with effortless accuracy.

Talent Insights AI-Enhanced Talent Calibration

Observe the AI's role in talent audits, offering HR a discerning perspective that ensures fair and impactful talent development.

Invisible Tech, Visible Impact

Seamless integrations create an experience where technology fades into the background, allowing impact to shine. We've engineered our platform to minimize effort and maximize human connection, fostering a healthier workforce where emotional intelligence is celebrated.

It's so good, people are talking

Our commitment to seamless integration ensures that the impact is not just promised—it's experienced. Don't take our word for it...

Michelle Hipwood Avatar

Michelle HipwoodCFO, Reprise

HyperContext isn't another "what have you done for me lately" tool. It changes behavior and seamlessly integrates into your everyday life as a natural evolution.
Josh Guttman Avatar

Josh GuttmanCRO, Altrio

My 3rd company using HyperContext, will take it to every company! Easy to install, intuitive, AI and automations are helpful and constant delivery of new features.
John L. Avatar

John L.SVP Product Marketing

HyperContext is simple yet effective. It structures meetings, keeps track of tasks across workspaces, and brings everyone onto the same process in our company.
Red Russack Avatar

Red RussackSales Leader, Mid-Market (51-1k emp.)

HyperContext offers valuable templates, trending questions and excellent onboarding. It made me more confident in my meetings and my team noticed the difference.
Anonymous Avatar

AnonymousCEO, Mid-Market (51-1k emp.)

One of the few software tools that my team enjoys. HyperContext made the performance review process enjoyable and our managers use it for their weekly 1:1s too.
Maryann Salt Avatar

Maryann SaltFintech

Super helpful! Tracks discussions and next steps efficiently. The ability to add tasks to Jira and Goals to my Meeting is a huge value for me.
Zak Kucera Avatar

Zak KuceraHead of Strategic Initiatives, Rocket Travel

HyperContext gave me the ability to add personal questions for deeper connections with remote team members. It feels less daunting for direct reports.
Stephen Morrissey Avatar

Stephen MorrisseyEngineering, Godaddy

HyperContext is great! I can add tasks and get reminders. With my busy schedule, it's a lifesaver.
Catherine Bravo-Judah Avatar

Catherine Bravo-JudahFinance Manager, Grand Challenges

HyperContext helped our team to take notes more efficiently and allocate tasks more clearly. It's user-friendly and intuitive!
Ruthy L. Avatar

Ruthy L.Product Design

Hypercontext is amazing for bringing teams together. It's super easy to enrich our talking points with data and insights. The Goals feature keeps us encouraged.
Luke Freiler, CEO, Centercode
Centercode Logo

Hypercontext is an essential tool in our remote first strategy. The team is more collaborative, time spent together is more productive, and I know we are all aligned on our goals.

Luke Freiler CEO, Centercode


Profound responsibility that comes with handling employee data, especially when leveraging AI for performance reviews. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and ethical AI practices.

Mitigating Bias with AI

A significant advantage of our AI is its ability to mitigate inherent human biases, such as recency bias and synthesis bias. Our AI objectively analyzes data over extended periods and consolidates feedback from various sources, offering a more accurate and unbiased representation of employee performance. We meticulously document the AI's feedback generation process, allowing us to identify and address any potential biases. This transparency extends to managers, who can review the AI's decision-making steps, correct any inaccuracies, and ultimately have the final say in the content of performance reviews.

AI as an Assistant, Not a Judge

Hypercontext's AI is designed to serve as the world's most helpful assistant, providing draft content for managers to review, edit, and finalize. By positioning the AI as a starting point rather than the final arbiter, we empower human judgment and ensure that the AI's role is to support, not supplant, the nuanced work of performance evaluation.


Secure-sync to HRIS ensures managers can access team data and HR has access across the org, without comprimising safety. Beyond, we share with additional insights into the AI's logic, ensuring transparency and understanding of AI-generated content.

Partnered with HR Professionals

We've partnered with a council of trained HR professionals from various companies and countries. These advisors are integral to our development process, providing guidance and ensuring that our AI's feedback and recommendations meet the same rigorous standards expected of human managers.

Continuous Improvement

Hypercontext is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our AI, informed by daily collaboration with our HR partners. We strive to meet and exceed the ethical standards held by these professionals, ensuring that our AI remains a beneficial and ethical tool for performance management.

Social Impact & Harm Reduction

We closely monitor the impact of our AI on employees and have been encouraged by their positive reception. The AI's assistance has led to a marked improvement in the quality of feedback from managers, emphasizing the social benefits of utilizing advanced tools for performance management. By allowing managers to focus on the emotional intelligence aspects of their roles, we contribute to a healthier and more human-centric workplace.

More than the sum of it's parts

Our AI is half the excitement. The other half comes from freeing organizations from the problems of traditional performance management. Bringing ingenuity to the table, powered by data, and with human empowerment in mind, we've designed an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The state of performance management is dire.
We're here to change that.
95% of managers hate their performance management system
10% of a manager’s work year is spent on performance review-related activites
90% of HR Leaders don’t think their performance system generates accurate information
77% of employees think their performance system is outdated