121 One-on-one questions

A list of tried and true one-on-one meeting questions, from both the manager and employee's perspective, to add to your next agenda.

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How to have effective meetings

A complete guide to having productive and actionable meetings including setting up a meeting agenda, how to take notes and how to ensure your team is held accountable for meeting outcomes.

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Top 10 most asked team meeting questions

Data collected from our question suggester tool on what real teams are talking about in their team meetings. What questions are asked the most and bonus: which questions are asked the least.

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people leading people podcast

People Leading People

People Leading People is a podcast about the stuff that pops up when you lead people at work. Hypercontext CEO, Brennan McEachran, and his co-hosts interview managers from companies including Slack, Wealthsimple, Intercom and more on what it takes to build and lead high-performing teams.

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