121 One-on-one questions

A list of tried and true one-on-one meeting questions, from both the manager and employee's perspective, to add to your next agenda.

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first one on one with employee agenda

7 Questions to ask in your first one-on-one with a new employee

effective one on one meetings

37 Tips to have more effective one-on-one meetings

mentor meeting agenda

The 60-minute mentor meeting: 4 items to cover each quarter

one-on-one discussion to become a better manager and employee

4 One-on-ones you need to add to your calendar

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people leading people podcast

People Leading People

People Leading People is a podcast about the stuff that pops up when you lead people at work. Hypercontext CEO, Brennan McEachran, and his co-hosts interview managers from companies including Slack, Wealthsimple, Intercom and more on what it takes to build and lead high-performing teams.

dear first time manager

Dear first-time manager…30 leaders share lessons for new managers


How to write SMART goals (with examples)

how to prevent employee burnout

Employee burnout: How to spot and prevent it

9 one-on-one meeting templates

9 One-on-one meeting templates

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