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Plan your day by seeing all your meetings in one place

Keep all your meetings and one-on-ones at a glance: review agendas, add items, read comments and more – all while on the go.

Plan your day by seeing all your meetings in one place

Add to the agenda without losing a beat 🥁

Shared agendas mean that everyone can add items to the meeting. Use the mobile app to add or comment as soon as ideas pop into your head.

Add to the agenda without losing a beat 🥁

Check on your team – no matter where you are

Stay in the loop at all times with push notifications on what’s being added to the agenda, who is commenting and much more.

Check on your team – no matter where you are

There's so much to love about Hypercontext for mobile!

phonelink_setup Set up meetings

Add people to team meetings and one-on-ones in seconds.

search Review agendas

Keep all your meeting agendas in one convenient place.

schedule Add agenda items

Add questions or agenda items to the agenda when they’re top-of-mind.

feedback Comment on the agenda

Discuss items beforehand, so everyone comes to the meeting prepared.

help Get suggested agenda items

Not sure what to add to the agenda? Try one of our suggested items.

playlist_add Take notes

Summarize agenda items to keep track of the decisions made.

history Access past agendas

View past agendas, meeting notes and comments, at any time.

notifications_active Get real-time notifications

See who is adding what to the agenda – know what your team is thinking about.

schedule See your daily schedule

See what’s coming up with your “Today” view.

Get started with Hypercontext today

Here’s what our customers have to say about us 🙌

“Before Hypercontext, one-on-ones were a google document with a bulleted list per person. Now we have topics to discuss and the meeting is more productive. They are more mutual in the sense that it’s not just me coming up with the agenda.”

robert fernandes

Robert Fernandes

Engineering Manager

"Hypercontext is my indispensable meeting sidekick! The collaborative agendas makes it easy for my team to contribute to meetings, tackle discussions asynchronously, hold one another accountable, and best of all, it’s enabled us to be very efficient when we meet."

Antoine Moreau Aircall

Antoine Moreau

Director, Partnerships North America

"I've moved all my 1:1s and team meetings to Hypercontext since I started using it, and I LOVE having everything in the one place!"


Niamh McHugh

Associate Manager Customer Support

"An easy and helpful tool to manage 1:1s and team meetings, especially during remote working. I like the ML recommendations of how I can improve meetings and topics to cover next time."

Laura Lakhwara

Laura Lakhwara

Associate Director, Customer Success

"I've used Hypercontext in my last two roles, and it is now key to how I manage, coach and keep my team accountable. At Lane, we use Hypercontext for 1:1s, team meetings and leadership meetings. I recommend it for anyone looking to improve team performance!"

Josh Guttman joinlane

Josh Guttman

Vice President, Revenue

"We have so many things going on all the time and lots of problems to solve so it’s easy to get distracted. Hypercontext has given direction to our meetings."

Mallory cloud elements

Mallory Parker

Manager of Customer Delivery

"Love this app. Use it every day for almost every meeting. Discussing agenda items leading up to the meeting, and holding everyone accountable with to dos afterward help my teams run so smooth."

matt mccausland

Matt McCausland

Senior Product Manager

"Calendar integration looks 🔥"

Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes

Software Engineer

"Awesome team, awesome concept, awesome product… get in here y’all!"

tyler yac headshot

Tyler Sellhorn

Head of Customer Experience

"Very clean looking and productive app! 10/10 would recommend!"

Amna headshot

Amna Zletni

Customer Experience Agent

“I think this is what I have been looking for for most of my life…nearly! I use it for 1:1s and some team meetings, and am now rolling it out across my business. Makes setting agendas and tracking actions and follow-up a heck of a lot easier.”

Ben Chesser Coniq

Ben Chesser


“Love Hypercontext and love how the chrome extension saves time, makes seeing meetings, next steps and due items visible and not forgotten!”

Tisha Woolf Creditsuite

Tisha Woolf

Head of HR

“The platform is super easy to use and helps prompt the user to create agendas that get better over time. It helps me keep focused and follow up on items that might have been missed.”

nicholas roberts global app testing

Nicholas Roberts

Marketing Director

"Congrats team! Excited to see more folks running A+ meetings."

calvin segment

Calvin French-Owen


"I've been using a running google docs for years and have never really loved that approach. Looks like Hypercontext would give me a bunch more structure which I've been looking for."

Brian Anglin

Brian Anglin

Co-Founder and CTO

"The Google Meet and Calendar integrations is a serious game changer! 🙌"

Connie Du Bonusly

Connie Du

Content Writer

"This is a really smart idea and I like the implementation of it being directly inside Google Calendar and Meet. It's hard for people to remember to actually document decisions/to dos. Having it right on the calendar invite is a very good prompt."

andy cook tettra

Andy Cook


"This is going to be such a massive time saver for so many tech leaders out there. Way to add value to teams everywhere."

veronica krieg sharpencx

Veronica Krieg

Content Strategist

"I love the trending questions newsletter. It gives me a constant stream of new 1:1 questions I can ask my team and the conversations that follow are always great!"

Ramli John

Ramli John

Director of Training

"I currently don’t manage anyone but reading this newsletter each week gives me insights into the kind of manager I want to be next time."

Marc Thomas Headshot

Marc Thomas

Head of Growth

"I get so much at-a-glance value from the trending questions newsletter. It's one of my favorite emails to open and I have over 600+ in my inbox on any given day, so that's saying something!"

alejandro ruperti headshot

Alejandro Ruperti


"I love the trending questions newsletter. I've been trying to make my 1:1s more valuable and these questions continue to be a great source of inspiration that lead to even better conversations!"

Kirsty McNabney

Kirsti McNabney

Growth Marketer

"I have a separate folder in my inbox dedicated to Hypercontext emails. They always hit the mark on things we're struggling with or trying to achieve with the Leadpages team. I look forward to their emails every single week."

jeanette dorazio

Jeanette Dorazio


"Jargon and fluff are the bane of my existence. Hypercontext’s no-nonsense newsletter cuts through all the inbox clutter with actionable insights, useful templates and best practices. It's an invaluable resource for people managers looking to effectively lead high performing teams."

rachel cravit

Rachel Cravit

Content Marketing Manager

"No one likes an endless stream of unproductive meetings, which is why I religiously follow Hypercontext's newsletter. It's helped me learn how to spend less time in meetings and more time building better relationships with my peers. If you're looking to improve your leadership skills or simply cut those pesky, unproductive meetings from your calendar, you've got to subscribe."

jacalyn beales headshot

Jacalyn Beales

Content Marketing Manager

"A lot of content out there sucks. And then there’s Hypercontext. The Hypercontext team is constantly sharing high-quality and actionable pieces that *actually* help me become a better leader."

Ryan McCready

Ryan McCready

Content Marketing Manager

"I had the pleasure of working for Jocelyn for a number of years. She balances a rare leadership quality that allows someone to be both a strategic thinker as well as a strong operator in the business."

ryan moon

Ryan Moon

SVP of Sales, Uptempo

"Brennan has taught me everything I know about leadership and I'm forever grateful. He's the kind of leader you aspire to be: humble, motivating, and above all else, a human."

Hiba headshot

Hiba Amin

Senior Marketing Manager, TestBox


Questions? We’ve got answers!

How much does it cost?

The basic Hypercontext plan is free to all users! 🎉 For details on our Pro plan, visit our pricing page.

How do I get started?

Once you download the app and get set up with a Hypercontext, you’ll be prompted to add team members and start your first meeting. You can always set up additional meetings by tapping the + in the top left corner, or at the bottom your screen.

How does the mobile app work with the web app?

You can jump from the mobile app to the web app as much as you like! Any updates to your agendas will automatically appear in both ⚡️. The only thing you can’t do on the mobile app is use our Discussions feature (for now!).

What do I do if I need more help?!

We ❤️ questions! Click the blue button in the bottom-right corner of your screen to chat with our support team.