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17 Best Slack apps, bots and integrations you’ve never heard of

Don’t get us wrong. We love Tettra. We use Donut all the time. But sometimes you’re just in the mood something…

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Don’t get us wrong. We love Tettra. We use Donut all the time. But sometimes you’re just in the mood something a little off the beaten track.

Today, we’ve got the ultimate list of the best Slack apps, integrations and bots you’ve never heard of – but we know you’ll love.

For getting s*** done 💪

1. Hypercontext

Type: Bot, App

What it does: Builds one-on-one and team meeting agendas

Why we like it: We might be a little biased, but this handy little bot rules 😏. Add items to meeting agendas without leaving Slack (you can even turn messages into agenda items with a single click!).

What it costs: Free

Easily add items to your agenda with the Hypercontext Slack integration

2. Guru

Type: Bot

What it does: Captures and catalogs information

Why we like it: Conversations move super fast in Slack. This hard-working bot helps to reduce repetitive questions (and time-wasting searching) by cataloging information as it surfaces and making it easily available.

What it costs: Starts at $380/month for up to 20 users

Guru for Slack

3. Flow

Type: App

What it does: Assigns tasks and manages projects

Why we like it: Delegating has seriously never been easier. The magical /flow task command lets you create and assign tasks mid-conversation, without switching to another program.

What it costs: Starts at $4.79 per user, per month

Flow for Slack

4. Ally

Type: Bot

What it does: Tracks OKRs

Why we like it: It’s easy to get carried away creating elaborate spreadsheets or signing up for fancy goal-setting tools. With this bot, you can create, update and track your OKRs while they’re top of mind.

What it costs: Starts at $29 for up to 10 users

Ally for Slack

5. Ipushpull

Type: Bot

What it does: Feeds data from Excel spreadsheets into Slack

Why we like it: It lets you share only the data you need by pulling single cells, individual rows or full ranges of data from a spreadsheet without ever opening Excel (because numbers are hard enough amiright?!).

What it costs: Starts at £250 per month

iPushiPull for Slack

6. @Must-Read

Type: Bot

What it does: Share required reading with your team

Why we like it: It helps you get noticed amid the Slack chaos. When you mark messages as “must reads” with this bot, they get added to your team’s daily must-read list. You can even check in later to see who hasn’t seen your message yet – no more “did you get my message?!” needed.  

What it costs: Free

MustRead for Slack

7. MediaTrigger

Type: App

What it does: Notifies you when your brand is mentioned on social media

Why we like it: It’s so simple: if someone talks about your brand on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you get a notification in Slack. Simple, elegant, super useful.

What it costs: Starts at $9 per month

MediaTrigger for Slack

For communicating like a boss

8. WebSpellchecker

Type: App

What it does: Proofreads in multiple languages

Why we like it: How many times have you rushed to edit a quickly-written Slack message before the other person sees your egregious spelling errors 😮? This little app helps you to fix those errors before it goes out.

What it costs: Free

WebSpellChecker for Slack

9. Translate

Type: App

What it does: Translates text into different languages

Why we like it: This is one of those little tools that can end up saving tons of time – especially when you have multilingual teams. Translate text with a simple command, or translate any message with a couple clicks. (You can even set up a channel to auto-translate, so teams can communicate seamlessly!)

What it costs: Free for basic plan (no auto-translations)

Translate for Slack

10. QuickQuiz

Type: App

What it does: Quizzes your team

Why we like it: It’s a fun way to make sure everyone on the team knows everything about your product and company. You can build quizzes in just a few minutes and deploy them to specific teams or the whole company.

What it costs: Free

QuickQuiz for Slack

11. Spacetime

Type: Bot

What it does: Tracks your team’s time zones

Why we like it: Managing remote teams can be a challenge. This bot helps to make communication and scheduling easier by corralling time zones, working hours, locations and more into one place.

What it costs: Free for basic plan

Spacetime for Slack

12. Arlie

Type: Bot

What it does: Brings Gmail into Slack

Why we like it: This is one of those how-did-we-function-before-this-bot bots, especially for CX teams. Connect a channel with a Gmail account, like info@ or support@, and you can receive and even send emails right from Slack.

What it costs: Free

Arlie for Slack

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For making HR stuff fun 🎉

13. Callie

Type: Bot

What it does: Sets up countdowns

Why we like it: First off, its full name – Callie the Calendar Corgi – is awesome 🐶. But also, it’s a great engagement tool for counting down to product launches, office events and more.

What it costs: Free

Callie for Slack

14. Leevebot

Type: Bot

What it does: Manages vacation days, sick days and leaves

Why we like it: Sorting out employee time off can complicated and time-consuming. This bot makes it easier by going all the admin for you – and bringing it into Slack, where you’re probably already talking about this stuff anyway.

What it costs: £1 per user, per month

Leevebot for Slack

15. ExpenseTron

Type: Bot

What it does: Sorts out expense reports

Why we like it: Lots of steps go into expense reports and purchase orders – and this bot takes care of all of them. Your team can categorize and file receipts and send them for approval, and you can download reports, create purchase orders and approve expenses. All from Slack ✨.

What it costs: $36 + $2.50 per user, per month

ExpenseTron for Slack

For some good ol’ fashioned office laughery

16. Icanhazdadjoke

Type: App

What it does: Delivers dad jokes on command

Why we like it: …uh, it delivers dad jokes on command? 😂

What it costs: Free

Icanhazdadjoke for Slack

17. For virtual team-building 💪

Water Cooler Trivia

Type: App

What it does: Makes the work week more fun with weekly trivia contests that the whole office can participate in. Every week there’s a new trivia contest, and the results (and funniest answers) are shared on Slack.

Why we like it: Adding fun into remote work can be challenging. The water Cooler Trivia slack app is a low-maintenance virtual team building game for remote teams using a tool they’re already on, Slack!

What it costs: $1/participant/month, 1 month free trial available

Water cooler trivia slack app

Now that you’ve got 17 new Slack goodies to try, only one question remains: which will you add first? (Hint: there’s a right answer and it’s the Hypercontext bot! 🤖)

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