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Phone Screen Interview Template

Standard phone screen questions for hiring managers, HR, and recruiters.

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Phone Screen Interview Template

About this template

Bridging the knowledge of SMARTtools for Leaders™ and Hypercontext, here's a list of phone screen questions for hiring managers, HR, and recruiters.

Updated Mar 15, 2022

Phone Screen Interview FAQs

How long should a phone screen interview be?


You should initially set your phone screen interviews for 15 minutes with your team. If you prepare and share an agenda in advance you're likely to get through more faster.

How often should you have phone screen interviews?


Most phone screen interviews tend to occur as needed. As you go through a few iterations of them you may need to increase or decrease the frequency.

What should you discuss during a phone screen interview?


6 great things to discuss in your Phone Screen Interview:

  • What are your career goals?
  • What are you really good at professionally? Please give me some examples.
  • What are you not good at or not interested in? Please give me some examples.
  • Who were your last 2-3 bosses, and how will they each rate your performance when we talk with them (1 is low, 10 is high)? Why?
  • What do you want to get out of the role?
  • Where are you at in your job search?

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