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1 Hour

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As a marketing team, you’re constantly launching new campaigns, tracking and testing. This template will help you plan, reflect and discuss your learnings.

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Marketing team meeting template walk-through:

1. 3 Minute "Who, What, Why" review (3-5 minutes)

The heart of every marketing team is the buyer. That's why, no matter how repetitive it gets, you need to remind yourself and the team:

  • Who you're targeting
  • What you're providing to the market
  • Why your target audience should care

It sounds silly and redundant to review this every time you meet, but when you're able to review your personas, buyer journeys, and value prop frequently, it will show across all of the campaigns, assets, and experiences that your team creates.

2. Goals and metrics (10 minutes)

Before you dive into this agenda item, take a second to review your team goals and strategy. After that, use this time to go over how your team is tracking towards your goals. Avoid things like vanity metrics, like getting 20 likes on a Twitter post, and get down to the numbers that matter most. Visuals are a great way to present this information!

3. Retrospective and planning round table (20 minutes)

During this time, take turns sharing what you're working on between this and the next meeting. Whether it’s scheduling your bi-weekly email newsletters or launching a major report, share it all!

A great way to ensure this time is an effective use of everyone's time is to ask everyone on the team to share this update in your shared agenda before the meeting.

After going through what everyone's working on, as a team, plan and prioritize the work that needs to be done by your next meeting. Focus on things that will move the needle.

4. Roadblocks and obstacles (10 minutes)

What's preventing you from hitting your targets? What campaigns are being blocked? Why?

As a team, this is a great opportunity to shift around resources, offer a helping hand, or brainstorm solutions to any obstacles you're facing. This will help the team move forward, faster.

5. Testing: what are we learning? (10 minutes)

Always ? be ? testing.

Whether you're testing subject lines, website copy, or visuals, make sure the team is relentless when it comes to testing. Use this time to share any findings, whether conclusive or not (it's all useful knowledge!)

6. Big wins (5 minutes)

End every meeting on a positive note! This will motivate and fuel your team to crush their week. Encourage the team to share their wins, but also share one another's wins too. Recognition is always welcome. ?

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