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Heather Foeh's One-on-one Meeting Template

Heather Foeh, VP of Customer Experience at PathFactory, uses this 1:1 agenda to sync with her team.

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Heather Foeh's One-on-one Meeting Template

About this template

Start with a few non-work-related questions to reinforce a personal connection, then help prioritize their day-to-day work and see where support is needed.

Updated Mar 15, 2022

Heather Foeh's One-on-one Meeting FAQs

How long should a heather foeh's one-on-one meeting be?


You should initially set your heather foeh's one-on-one meetings for 30 minutes with your team. If you prepare and share an agenda in advance you're likely to get through more faster.

How often should you have heather foeh's one-on-one meetings?


Most heather foeh's one-on-one meetings tend to occur weekly. As you go through a few iterations of them you may need to increase or decrease the frequency.

What should you discuss during a heather foeh's one-on-one meeting?


8 great things to discuss in your Heather Foeh's One-on-one Meeting:

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Do you have any fun trips coming up?
  • What’s your top priority for the week?
  • What’s holding you back at work right now?
  • What’s the thing that’s in your way right now?
  • What’s going well?
  • What are you struggling to accomplish by the end of the quarter?
  • How can I help you?

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